Lifestock is the wealth in rural Kyrgyzstan

In Kyrgyzstan the clocks go differently. To understand what is really important in Kyrgyz life, there is only one way: meet them in their daily lives.

Everyday life in rural Kyrgyzstan is strongly shaped by what counts first: Livestock! Areas where farming is possible lie at an average altitude of 2,000m and higher. Agriculture can hardly be practiced there anymore. The land is difficult to work. This is why most people keep cows, sheep or goats. There are even camels and yaks. They are the wealth of their owners.

Savings had been invested in calves, lambs and fawn in spring. Together with the animals of the other villagers, the herd is driven to the summer pastures high up in the mountains. The shepherds live all summer long in the Jailoo, the yurt camp, and take care of the animals. In autumn comes the time of the cattle markets. Now the money is being cashed for what they have taken care of all year round. You see: This is a bank account on four legs.

Autumn is also the time of festivals. Weddings, but also all other festivities are celebrated gladly, if the work of the year is done. The families come together from all over the country. In every Kyrgyz there is still the nomad. During the celebrations, which can last several days, the table top is bent.

But there is also a danger lurking: In Kyrgyzstan the stock market crash is called "Wolf". Large herds of cattle give him a good life. It is difficult for the Kyrgyz farmer to explain the reasons why the wolf is on the list of endangered animal species and why in Europe the reappearance of the wolf is celebrated as a big event.

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