Tailak Baatyr monument in Naryn

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Where the road to Kochkor descends from the mountains and crosses the river Naryn the national hero of former Kyrgyzstan is keeping watch.

Tailak Baatyr on the stamp with his armor and a horse. It was in 2016 when the whole nation celebrated the 220th anniversary of Tailak Baatyr (kyrg.: Тайлак-баатыр). To his honor a stamp has been issued by Kyrygz postal services.

Who was this man and why is so much important?

By the end of the 18th century, when Tailak Baatyr was born (1796), nowadays Kyrgyzstan was ruled by the Kokand Khanate. The Kyrgyz people have had a hard live. It was Tailak Baatyr who fought the Kokand conqueros and brought kind of independence to the present Naryn region; mainly not beeing pressed for paying taxes.

For about 20 years he was commander of the Kyrgyz tribes inhabiting the vicinity of Tengri-Tau (Tien-Shan). He led their struggle against the Kokand and Chinese conquerors. He was only defeated because he was poisoned. They didn't stand a chance against him in the open field.

In the year 1832 he led the Kyrgyz liberation against the Khanate of Kokand. He liberated Kyrgyz prisoners from Kurtka Fortress and led them home. He has won two more battles, partly against the superiority of 700 of the Khan's men.

Tailak Baatyr monument in Naryn
Tailak Ryskul uluu, the son of Ryskul is one of the most honored heroes in Kyrgyztsan.

In 1883 he died undefeated. Poisoning was the last resort of his enemies.

Tomb of Tailak Baatyr
Tailak Baatyr is burried in a mausoleum nearby Ak-Tal

His name suffix Baatyr (kyrg.: баатыр) simply means 'hero' and his full name is Tailak, son of Ryskul (kyrg.: Тайлак Рыскул уулу). His father Ryskul was a rich and famous man.

After being murdered he was burried in an mausoleum located nearby Ak-Tal. With him his brother Atana-Biy is and six other heroes found their last resting place here.

The tomb was restored in 2002; Near the mausoleum are 7 further burial places for Tailaks fellows.

Tailak Baatyr, a national hero